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Wanted To Rent
I am a 59 year old woman on a fixed but stable income with a small, well-trained dog as my companion. I'm looking for a cozy, quiet place to rent. It could be a cottage, a carriage house, in-law quarters, or an unused space set up with appliances and adequate living area. I can pay $400-450/ month including utilities, in the general area east of Flint, south to Lake Orion, and toward Rochester. I prefer to walk, so a location near town is best. I'm quiet, clean and private and take great pride in where I live. I would like to stay put and live peacefully, just me and my little dog, near town yet not too far from family. I am a wonderful tenant. Do you have a place available that sounds like home? I would appreciate talking with you about this opportunity. Please call: 248-693-2436. !!L412
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The deadline for classifieds to get into our print edition is Monday at Noon for the Wednesday edition.
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