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Looking strong after break

Cagers made an impact coming back from their holiday break ready for action taking down two teams last week. The boys opened their OAA Red match up against North Farmington last Thursday with three field goals, courtesy of seniors Mitch Baenziger and Nick Tatu....more >>
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Athlete of The Week

Ruling the court

Junior Erin Davenport has a plan every time she steps onto the court - play her hardest every minute and do what is best for the team. "She has really stepped up as a leader," said Tim Wasilk, head coach for the Clarkston Girls Varsity Basketball team....more >>


Ladies back on the court

Lady Cagers were down four points and had 40 seconds to make a difference in their game at Avondale last Thursday. Christina Jokisch scored a three-point shot to close the gap. They were able to get the ball back into their possession and Delaney Kenny scored on both her two free throw opportunities....more >>


No snow? No problem for skiers

The sunshine and 50 degrees forecasted last week did not slow deter the Clarkston Ski teams from beginning their season. They opened with their first wins - the boys team went 2-0 for the week....more >>


Victory on ice

Defenseman Adam Larkin led Icers on Saturday as they defeated Rochester United, 8-0. Larkin scored a hat trick to give the Wolves a boost. "It is always good when a defenseman scores a hat trick," said Clarkston Boys Varsity Hockey Head Coach Bryan Krygier....more >>
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1849: James Whitcomb Riley, poet.
1885: Nils Bohr, physicist whose model of atomic structure helped establish quantum theory.
1900: Heinrich Himmler, Nazi leader.
1907: Helen MacInnes, writer.
1931: Desmond Tutu, South African religious leader.
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1870: French Minister of the Interior Leon Gambetta escapes besieged Paris by balloon, reaching the French provisional government in Tours.
1913: In attempting to find ways to lower the cost of the automobile and make it more affordable to ordinary Americans, Henry Ford took note of the work of efficiency experts like Frederick Taylor, the father of scientific management. The result was the assembly line that reduced the time it took to manufacture a car, from 12 hours to 93 minutes. Visiting the Past: Automotive History.
1949: Iva Toguri D'Aquino, better known as Tokyo Rose, is sentenced to 10 years in prison for treason. American-Born Axis Sally.
1957: A fire in the Windscale plutonium production reactor (later called Sellafield) north of Liverpool, England, spreads radioactive iodine and polonium through the countryside and into the Irish Sea. Livestock in the immediate area were destroyed, along with 500,000 gallons of milk. At least 30, and possibly as many as 1,000, cancer deaths were subsequently linked to the accident.
1985: Four Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) hijackers seize the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro and demand the release of 50 Palestinians held by Israel.