Palace Chrysler-Jeep

Good ole' fun in Depot Park

1st Old Fashioned Picnic held on Labor day

The Steele family sits patiently as Clarkston artist Judith Hoddinott creates a silhouette drawing. (click for larger version)

Evelyn Kujawa is hoping for peace and quiet. That's what she wrote on the Geek Board at the picnic. (click for larger version)
September 04, 2013 - Food, ice-cream, and fun created happy faces in Depot Park during Clarkston's First Annual Old Fashioned Picnic--sponsored and planned by Think Positive Clarkston.

Right after Clarkston's Labor Day Parade September 2 visitors headed over for free goodies near Clarkston City Hall as games were set up on the other side of the park

City of the Village of Clarkston council members donated funds for ice-cream to dish-up to picnickers with a sweet tooth as several young volunteers helped dish up the vanilla and cookie flavored ice-cream.

James Strnad made sure the grill was hot as he served up free hot dogs and water courtesy of Rudy's Market.

Not far from the frill, the Friends of the Clarkston Independence Library popped free popcorn while those with something to say signed a unique "Geek" board created to express feelings.

After filling tummies with yummies, it was off to sightsee and play some good ole' games.

Clarkston Artist Judith Hoddinott, created silhouette drawings as other visitors enjoyed wildlife and scenic views in the park.

By special request from Clarkston Historical Society's Toni Smith Lake Orion residents Jim Burt and Doc Dewey visited Clarkston to display a 1930 Model A Coupe and a 31 pick-up truck.

Dewey's ride was equipped with a circus themed trailer that carried a fancy Merry Go 'Round sounding musical instrument—which drew the fancy of both young and old.

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