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Movement searches for the best

From left, Movement founders Christopher Cross, J. David Bradley, and Douglas Scott relax at the downtown Clarkston headquarters. Photo by Andrea Beaudoin (click for larger version)
October 16, 2013 - Searching for perfect fits is what headhunters at Movement Search and Delivery do every day.

"Headhunting is finding the best people in the world," said Christopher Cross, co-founder and director at Movement.  

Movement places highly skilled employees in all types of positions in the United States and internationally.

Located in downtown Clarkston in the Clarkston Mills building, the company also has a location in Denver, Colorado as well as many partnerships throughout the nation.

Douglas Scott along with fellow founders Cross and J. David Bradley, worked together at a larger company when they decided to leave and kick start their own operation.

Starting off with a handful of employees in a small stone building on Dixie Highway, the business opened in 2010 and now includes 58 employees, 33 of which are at the Clarkston office and 25 working elsewhere.

"Once we establish a client we like to really understand everything about their business," said Cross. "That means visiting the company, meeting management and exploring facilities."

Scott said Movement works to fill a variety of staffing rolls including positions in sales, accounting, engineering, operations professionals and many other job types.

After proving they have a knack for finding a perfect fit for a company, a client will increasingly rely on Movement to fill other positions.

"We fill one or two key roles and then they will give us everything in the company," said Bradley.

A client often relies on Movement after exhausting search efforts to find the right fit. Sometimes a company has been searching for months or more.

Scott insists trust is an essential part of the relationship with the client.   "They trust us because they know we have their best interest at heart."

Movement's fees are paid by client companies after a successful recruitment ends in placement. Scott said they place about 350 workers a year.  

How do they find that perfect candidate?

"We know how to determine what makes a good candidate," said Cross.

"We find the right person" added Scott. "We're old school headhunters."

"We dig, we dig, we dig, we dig, we dive," is a philosophy in the office on how they look for people with all the right skills and talent for a certain job.

To find those prized employees, the headhunters scour sites like LinkedIn, job boards, databases and Facebook. In 2013, the company signed a muti-year agreement with LinkedIn, a powerhouse database which allows deeper access to career focused profiles.

Bradley said Movement utilizes networking sites and also has advanced memberships with several sites like LinkedIn, which he estimates encompasses ½ of the work force.

Movement also utilizes highly skilled calling techniques to make contact with candidates who may not be actively job seeking and are already employed. These so called "passive" candidates are not actively looking to change jobs, but possess all the right skills.

"We refuse to stop until we find the right person," concluded Cross.    

Bradley said they look for the "hard skills" like education, skills and employment history. Soft skills like strong communication skills can greatly add to a candidates allure.  

"Strong communication skills can also set a candidate apart from the crowd," he added.  "We look for the "it" factor and people in the top of their field."

"We look for someone who is motivated, and has a winning attitude," said Cross. "We're looking for rock stars."

"Self-starters" said Bradley.

Other attributes that make an employee golden, "We look for passion, dedication and commitment," said Cross. "We look for great men and women that want to be successful and bring passion to their jobs everyday. People who do that will make great money and have a great career."

Their office, located in the Mills mall, had been renovated by the firm and expanded to encompass two floors. The renovation uncovered preserved wooden posts, beam vaulted ceilings and features adding character. Employers are finding that a modern, colorful and open work environment contributes to increased productivity and employee happiness.

"Fuzzy carpet and office dividers are a thing of the past," said Bradley. 

Movement recruits employees too, and Clarkston residents have been at the top of the hiring list with about half of their employees Clarkston residents. Scott said rather than locating Movements office in someplace like Troy, he knew Clarkston was the right fit.  

"Clarkston has a lot of character," he said.

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