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Home invasion

November 02, 2011 - On Oct. 28, officers from the Lake Orion Police Department arrested Juan Greg Ramirez for multiple charges relating to a home invasion and larceny that occurred on Park Island Rd. in Lake Orion on Sept. 30.

The victim in this matter met Ramirez in July and, after a short courtship, allowed him to move into her residence. Not long after, the relationship ended and Mr. Ramirez moved out. The victim returned home from work to find her home ransacked, and many expensive items and firearms had been stolen from the home. Evidence at the scene indicated Ramirez may have been involved.

On Oct. 12 the victim received a picture on her phone sent from Ramirez of a pillow blown in half by a shotgun blast, with the shotgun in the picture. The shotgun in the picture was not a weapon listed as stolen from her home. She began to receive additional threats from Ramirez.

Mr. Ramirez was tracked to several locations in Pontiac, Waterford and West Bloomfield. During the investigation, officers recovered recovered evidence linking Ramirez to the intimidation and theft.

Based on interviews with persons who had recent contact with Ramirez, it was believed that he was attempting to raise funds to flee the state.

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