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Goodrich to update rec plan

December 14, 2011 - Goodrich-The village and Atlas Township have an opportunity to join together on a recreation plan.

"The push right now is for communities to share everything," said Jakki Sidge, village administrator. "We're not trying to create a combined department, or hire a parks and recreation director, there's no fees. That's not the plan."

The village paid planners to create the plan about six years ago and are now in the process of making updates. The plan identifies recreation areas, specifies potential areas of expansion and goals for the village.

"The plan is necessary to see where you've been and how to provide recreational services to the area," she said. "Whether it's necessary to register with the state for a grant or to purchase property in the future the plan is important. There's no fees for the township. To apply for grants there needs to be a plan. For park enhancement money or any type of funding dealing with recreation, a plan gives the community more points to reach that goal."

Joining the village in a recreation plan was discussed at the Atlas Township meeting on Nov. 21. However, the same issue was tabled until the Dec.19 meeting.

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