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Second semester Schools of Choice halted

December 28, 2011 - Goodrich- The board of trustees voted 7-0 Dec.19 to close the doors to additional Schools of Choice students for the second semester due to rising class sizes.

The school board voted 4-3 in 2010 to join the state's Schools of Choice program for the 2010-2011 school year. At that time the board voted out of the Genesee County program. By opting into the state's Schools of Choice program, the district joins the Fenton School District to open up enrollment to students from other districts, which allows an unlimited influx of students from outside the district. The board's recent decision to close Schools of Choice parallels the 2010 vote in December.

John Fazer, district superintendent, reported that currently about 2,144 students are enrolled in the district, with about 320, or 15 percent, Schools of Choice students.

"Right now many of our classes are at capacity or over," he said. "Placing extra students in the classroom would be difficult for the staff right now. Each year we continue to increase students through the Schools of Choice program. Parents are enrolling students here in Goodrich looking for that smaller environment along with the academic and fine arts offered here. These programs are very attractive."

Fazer said the board will look at Schools of Choice in April.

"Traditionally students do not transfer schools in January," added Fazer. "The decision to close January enrollment should not impact enrollment, the last time we opened the window in January we had only two students come to the district."

The decision has kept the window for enrollment open until the end of the first week in September, and would also allow enrollment during the second semester of the school year. The state Schools of Choice program does not require a release from school administration if the student opts to come to Goodrich.

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