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New cell tower finally coming to Addison park

January 04, 2012 - Addison Township's long-awaited monopole cellular tower from Verizon Wireless is finally ready to be constructed.

Township Supervisor Bruce Pearson told township officials and audience members during the Dec. 19 Addison Township Board of Trustees meeting Verizon Wireless signed the contract with the township to lease the 10,000 square foot parcel in the Watershed Preserve Park to construct the 190-foot cell tower and equipment shelter.

"What they did was they brought in the contract signed, so what that means is they are going forward with it," Pearson explained in a follow-up interview.

Pearson was hopeful the tower, which would be located just north of the driveway entrance to Watershed Preserve off of Rochester Rd., could begin construction sometime in January, but he was not certain when it would start.

Pearson said Verizon indicated the tower would be constructed sometime in "the first quarter of the year."

"We are fielding three to five calls a day from people who want this coverage for their telephone service," he said during the meeting. "I think it is a major part of our township and I am very happy we are moving forward on this now."

Addison Township officials approved the contract on Aug. 17, 2010, with Pearson initially being told the project was scheduled to begin in December 2010 or January 2011.

Pearson was told by Verizon "budget issues" caused the delay.

"Basically the lawyer said it was about money...they have so many things going up and only so much money," Pearson said. "We were really waiting for this thing because it will definitely put some money into our park system."

The contract states Verizon would lease the 10,000 square foot space for $17,000 for a period of five years, which would increase 2.5 percent every year during the initial five years.

It can automatically be extended for four additional five-year periods unless Addison Township terminates it at the end of the current term.

Monies generated through the cell tower would be designated for Addison Township Parks.

"It brings a steady income into our parks," Pearson said during the meeting. "There are very few townships that can say that we now have a (revenue source) that will be (in place) for two decades to support our parks. Very few communities have that kind of income."

In addition to the income, the tower would greatly improve cellular service in the northern part of the township and in the Watershed Preserve Park.

Andrew Moser is a staff writer for the Oxford Leader.
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