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If I had $100...

Front from left: Ashtin, Brant, Daniel, Bella and Brady. Center from left, Haven, Keegan, Jack, Reese, Brogan, Wyatt, Haley, Kayla and Madalyn. Back row from left: Toni Schlaire, Sydney, Kayleigh, Michael, Sienna, Hunter, Tommie, and Hailey. Oakwood Elementary Kindergarten class. Photo by Patrick McAbee. (click for larger version)
February 22, 2012 - Toni Schlaire's Oaktree Elementary Kindergarten class recently marked the 100th day of school by answering the question: "What would you buy with $100?"

"I would buy 100 match box cars."- Hunter; "I would buy a toy from Toys R Us." -Daniel; "I would buy a million pieces of candy."-Reese; "I would buy a bunny."-Sydney; "I would buy 100 headbands and 100 Chapsticks."- Hailey; "I would buy 100 wrestlers." -Michael; "I would buy a pig."- Brant; "I would buy a hair salon." -Haley; "I would go to the restaurant, McDonald's, and get chicken." -Sienna; "I would take it to Disney."-Haven. "I would buy a bottle from Meijer's." -Brogan; "I would buy a horse." -Bella; "I would put it in my piggy bank." -Kayla; "I would buy a real helicopter." -Wyatt; "I would buy 100 toys." -Jack; "I would buy a piano." -Kylie; "I would buy a horse. -Kayliegh; "I would take it to the zoo." -Madalyn; "I would buy 100 toys, a Teddy bear and a bunny." -Tommie; "I would buy a horse." -Keegan; "I would buy a cat and name it Razzi." -Brady.

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