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Padgett is a small business's answer to finance

March 28, 2012 - Small businesses are on the rise in the Orion and Oxford areas, but running one can be a difficult task and in today's economy, a mistake can be costly.

Fortunately, Padgett Business Services of North Oakland, located at 1520 South Lapeer Road, is ready to help with tax, accounting, payroll and business consulting services.

"We specialize in small business accounting and tax making us the perfect answer for the mature business, but especially relevant to someone starting a business," said Bruce Edwards, owner of Padgett and holder of an LLM in corporate and finance law, an MBA in finance and a Jurist Doctorate. "Our business consulting is vital to what we are."

The traditional accounting practice is retrospective, meaning whether it's an individual or business tax return, one often drops the material off and the accountant tells you what you have done, in essence "who you were."  Often our starting place is accounting – we become the "outsourced" accounting department for the small business and very much establish a relationship that engenders confidence.  We see the business often – at least every month.  Ours is a simple process using source documents – like bank statements, check stubs, ect. – in order to do the monthly financial statements.  Each monthly interaction allows us the opportunity for communication with the entrepreneur and thus business course corrections.  And no surprises come tax time - the accounting flows quite naturally into 1040's, 1065's and 1120's.

Keeping up with modern accounting trends isn't a problem either, as Padgett is constantly up to date with modern technology trends and information. Besides their website, they're also present on Facebook and use frequently updated accounting software.  Edwards said that being aligned with the Padgett Franchise System ensures that they are always current to market trends and practices.  It is the combination of the Padgett business model of "clientcentric service" with our skills and experience that sets us apart.  We are continuously looking at ways to more efficiently handle the routine in order to spend more time on the unique client issues.  "Businesses are as different as snowflakes," Edwards said.

"We're in the process of making even more online services available to our clients in concert with our franchisor – we will have all of the software "horsepower" of a major firm brought to us through a Padgett and Thompson Reuters collaboration. High tech allows us to deliver technologically advanced services, but also allows us to give personal attention to our clients."  Padgett's customer service has garnered it a large number of customers and allowed it to grow 20 percent (in customer base) in 2011.  Edwards said he believes the growth is largely due to the special point of view Padgett offers. He said being able to see things through the "lens of law, tax and finance" allows us to take a more comprehensive approach to our client's needs.  "Afterall, our clients get the skills of a metropolitan firm, with the customer care of a small town business.  We are growing because of references from our extraordinary clients."

"At the end of the day, accounting for some is merely keeping score," said Edwards. "If you're looking for a perspective through the "rear view mirror," this is likely not your firm.  If, however, you are looking for something more – a firm that has the skills and work ethic to help your business thrive, we would like to be part of your team.   

Our mission is to help small businesses achieve their dreams; we help design that path."  Padgett started business in Orion 15 years ago. They can be contacted online, on Facebook or at (248) 693 - 6222.  Their office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and, during tax season, Saturdays.

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