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Atlas Township sets road projects for 2012

March 28, 2012 - Atlas Twp.-The board of trustees voted 5-0 on Monday night to pave the approach to seven township intersections.

The Genesee County Road Commission will coordinate paving segments of seven road approaches at the intersections of Green and Ridge roads, Horton and Gale roads (west), Horton and Gale roads (east), Horton Road at M-15, Green and Gale roads, Burpee and Gale roads and McCandlish and Gale roads.

The estimated cost to the township will be $183,895 based on a 2011 estimate. The short paving projects, to be completed this summer, are necessary, say township officials, to improve safety as drivers approach intersections and begin braking.

In addition to the short paving projects, the township is expected to fund road repairs and upgrades on several projects during the construction season of 2012.

Included in the projects are:

nA two-inch asphalt cap on Ridge Road near Lake Shinanguag along with ditching on the eastside (near Arbor Court).

nLimestone Horton Road between Ridge Road and M-15 (after culvert work near Paddison Drain on the 11000 block of Horton Road is complete).

nDrain tiles to help alleviate potholes on Horton Road near M-15.

nDitching and gravel on Maple Road between Stimson and Washburn roads and Stimson to Hill roads.

nDitching, gravel and tree removal on Walker Road from Hill Road north to Maple Road.

nLimestone from M-15 and Kipp Road east to Kipp Road bridge.

nDitching, gravel and tree removal, if time and funding allows, on Vantine Road south to Irish Road.

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