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Peeking In The Past

A Look Back From The CNews archives

April 04, 2012 - 15 years ago - 1997

"Rain doesn't stop" April showers didn't put a damper on the annual Marshmallow Drop. Independence Township Parks and Recreation switched the event from Clintonwood Park to Clarkston High School, where children enjoyed marshmallows and games.

"The registry" There were 16 men listed on the sexual offenders registry as living in Independence Township. The registry was released thanks to state law taking affect April 1. The law was passed by Michigan legislature.

"Does smoking lead to other drugs?" In part two in a series about smoking, experts agreed smoking led to other drugs. Surveys dating back 20 years showed the percentage of smokers trying illegal drugs were much higher than non-smokers trying illegal drugs.

25 years ago - 1987

"Park plans win board's OK" Independence Township approved a new parks and recreation master plan, calling for a parks and rec millage, Bay Court Camp study, and park improvements.

"Rifle fire kills pair of swans" A pair of swans were killed by rifle fire during the weekend in a channel between Woodhull Lake. After finding the bodies, residents were trying to save the six eggs left in the nest.

"Artist's flowers to bloom at DIA" Donelle Reese Vogel's artistic creation of poppies and sweet William, titled "Mosaic," was a finalist in a poster design competition for an exhibit at Detroit Institute of Arts during the Arts and Flowers: A Festival of Spring show.

50 years ago - 1962

"New administration building now in use" The new administration building located at the northwest corner of the Clarkston High School and contained 3,200 square feet for offices, storeroom and a combined conference and school board room.

"Twins Mothers' to hold hat and card party" The Twins Mothers' Club of Oakland County planned to hold a Hat and Card Party with spring hats offered for sale.

"Local residents" Sharon Mayo celebrated her ninth birthday April 1st with a skating party at at the Clarkston Rollercade and enjoyed ice cream and cake.

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