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Peeking In The Past

A Look Back From The CNews archives

May 02, 2012 - 15 years ago - 1997

"DDA board wants to keep going" With 1996's improper tax collection behind it, the Independence Township Downtown Development Authority was looking ahead to the possibility of future DDA-funded projects.

"Internet brings moms together" Carolyn Bush, a mother in Clarkston, and Dawn Furlong, of Oxford, discussed how the Michigan Moms Internet chat room, a support group on American Online, helped stay-at-home moms with young children.

"Chrysler brings careers to kids" In a twist of "Take Your Daughter to Work Day," Chrysler employees decided to "Take Your Work to Your Children's School" instead. Over 70 employees volunteers to visit 25 schools in southeast Michigan and Bailey Lake Elementary was one of the schools selected. Students learned about careers in the auto industry, watched a video plant tour and had a chance to ask questions.

25 years ago - 1987

"Backyard fun" Becky DeLong, 7, and her neighbors David Brown, Jonathon Gilford, Danny Brown, and Ryan Brown spent a warm Easter Break day playing on their backyard swings.

"For now, no Rotary women" The Clarkston Rotary Club discussed the United States Supreme Court's ruling that could add female members to the rotary. The consensus was to wait and see what the ruling meant for individual clubs.

'Tiny bundles double the fun" Mother's Day was twice as special for Belinda Nichols as she gave birth to twins, Kristopher and Matthew, on May 1.

"Mother's love helps keep illness bearable" Thirteen-year-old Rebekah Remley was proud of her mother, Karen. They faced tough times together since Rebekah had been through pain since she was born.

50 years ago - 1962

"An 'Antique' story" F.W. MacKinder and his wife, Ruby, prepared for the formal opening of their antique shop after putting an additional onto the Y-Knot Antique Shop.

"Clarkston Locals" The Lynadys celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary and dined at the Old Mill.

"Two decades" The eighth grader at Clarkston Junior High School increased their knowledge about the history of 1927-1947 by watching a movie called "Two Decades."

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