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Village employee pay hike included in 2012-13 budget

May 02, 2012 - Goodrich- The council voted 3-1 at a special budget meeting on Monday to budget a $2 per hour raise for village employees. Council member Doug McAbee voted no.

The additional $21,000 needed for the pay hike will be part of the 2012-13 budget which must completed and voted on by council members prior to June 30. There will be no raises until that vote for two full-time Department of Public Works employees, an administrative assistant, along with two part-time employees—a deputy clerk and treasurer.

In addition, Jakki Sidge, village administrator requested an increase in hours from 32 to 34 per week. The rate per hour for Sidge will remain the same, however she will work an additional two hours.

Village Administrator Jakki Sidge said a comparison with other communities in the area indicates village wages are lacking.

"These wages currently are on the low end," said Sidge. "There's been no raises since 2007— ($2 per hour) that's a fair amount."

Sidge said the village saved about $116,000 over the last year implementing a host of cost reducing measures. Some of the expenses have been reduced by paying off the village office building and land, paying off the village DPW truck, funding for the Goodrich Library has been completed, and the last payment for the Ridge Road project was made.

Other savings included reduce one full-time DPW employee, a part-time village administrator with a reduction of hours and benefits. In addition, the village office is now closed on Fridays and reduced office staff hours by four per week.

"The pay hike will not bring them in line with other communities," added Sidge.

The comparison information was derived from the Michigan Municipal League.

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