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OES academic competitors square-off at national level

Congratulations and well done to the OES students who represented the district in the national Academic Games. Photo provided. (click for larger version)
May 09, 2012 - Seven students from Oxford Elementary Schools attended the Academic Games National competition at the W.E. Skelton 4-H Center in Wirtz, VA April 29-May 4.. Overall, the Oxford Academic Games (AG) team won the National Elementary Championship in the game of Linguishtiks, and 2nd in Language Arts. OES also took home third place in Wff 'n Proof (logic), On -sets, and Propaganda.

Many individual players also distinguished themselves in the AG. Participating in the National event for OES were sixth graders Rav Agarwal and Vincent Huang, fifth graders Logan Streeter and Neil Kim, and fourth graders Tommy Giberson, Gavin Shampaine and Cameron Mumbrue.

According to Paul Brown, Principal of Oxford Elementary School, AG is a series of seven different games. Two are Math-based, two games focus on Language Arts, two on Social Studies. The original game, WFF-N-Proof, is based on logic and formulas.

In all, seven students traveled to the competition, including two from a Rochester school. Parent/Coach Barbara Ulatowski, whose son is also a participant in the AG lauds the extracurricular activity for the higher learning it affords grade schoolers. Students learn things long before they would otherwise, she said, and this helps the student when they get older.

In addition to the academic gains, Ulatowski said that the students find learning to be fun and experience this fun in a team atmosphere. Her son initially balked at joining the Academic games squad, thinking "it would be more school, but he loves it" Mrs. Ulatowski said.

The AG team is open to all students who wish to join. Ulatowksi said that while the word "academic" in the title wards off some kids, the other word, "games" draws them in. Students can earn trophies and scholarships in the state and national competitions, though the educational benefits are reason enough, Ulatowksi said.

Beyond the ability to answer questions, the AG emphasizes how to ask and speak to adults and be confident enough to challenge a team. According to Coach Connie Ginste the AG gives a healthy "education in competition, sportsmanship, and confidence."

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