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Bear Paw looks to deliver beer, wine on Lakeville Lk.

May 30, 2012 - Terry Stevens has the cure for what ails – or ales – you. Stevens, owner and operator of the revamped Bear Paw Cafe on the banks of Lakeville Lake, wants you to know that his establishment now delivers food to your boat and beer and wine could be soon to come.

This new delivery service is thanks, in part, to a liquor and tavern license recently approved by the Addison Township Board. On May 21, the board voted unanimously to recommend that Stevens be allowed to sell beer and wine at his establishment.

Final approval is pending further review from state and county agencies, but if all goes as planned the Bear Paw cafe will be in the unique business of dock- and boat-side delivery. Stevens already delivers food; when the beer and wine license is approved by the state later this summer, he'll carry a little something extra to your slip to help you wash down the piping hot pasties he's bringing to your fishing party.

Stevens has applied for two licenses: a tavern license that will permit beer and wine to be sold from his establishment, and a SDM license which will enable off-site delivery from his boat to your bungalow by the bay.

In addition to the promise of delivery, the liquor license also means that Stevens invites you to bring along a bottle of your favorite vintage when you come to the Bear Paw for dinner. He'll be happy to recork what you don't finish.

Stevens considers the convenience for his customers to be reason enough to launch this unique water service venture.

But he is also conscious of the boon the new license will grant to all the businesses in Lakeville.

So while he's happy to attract more customers to the Bear Paw cafe with this unique business model, he's confident that the "whole Lakeville business community will benefit."

The way he figures, the more people who are brought into Lakeville, the better for the town. His cafe will see a boost, but he's pretty sure that customers who come to Lakeville, "won't eat at the Bear Paw cafe the whole time they stay" in Lakeville. A rising tide lifts all boats in Lakeville, so to speak.

To accommodate the next phase in his business plan, Stevens anticipates an immediate increase in the staff at the Bear Paw cafe. "At least one more person" will be hired to help service the delivery demand, Stevens said.

More employees are likely on the horizon when Stevens completes the deck off the back of his establishment, and then re-engineers the docks below to allow boats to park and purchase from his eatery.

Stevens wants to restore the Bear Paw's good name and "cater more to the lake" than has previously been the case. His focus on delivery to the lake is part of this effort, and has been central to his "business plan from the start," he said.

For more information about the Bear Paw Cafe and its new delivery service, contact Terry at 248-628-6946.

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