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Leonard woodworkers build distinct table

A high-tech table from Distinctive Design. (click for larger version)
August 08, 2012 - They say if you build a better mouse trap, the world will beat a path to your door.

Distinctive Design, based in Leonard, has recently put this old adage to test, and can confirm it remains true in 2012.

But it wasn't a mousetrap they built; instead they're the first American maker of a very special conference table.

What makes this 24-foot oval-shaped table so unique is the inner 18-foot section that lifts with the aid of hydraulics. Electrical outlets are exposed once the inner tier is raised, providing additional function to the beautiful table. (View the table in action: http://youtu.be/uSS5BJOm5jc )

In addition to the hydraulic lifts and electronic capabilities, the specialty table has a blond laminate top with Monticello Maple moldings all around, and brushed aluminum legs with a random swirl finish.

The table is a marvel of custom radius work that must be seen to be appreciated.

Chadwick Brown, vice president of sales and production for Distinctive Design, was approached about this table by Dee Tignanelli, CEO of Alpha to Omega Properties LLC based in Lake Orion. After seeing her sketch and hearing the needs of her clients, Brown and his team went to work.

Brown gives most of the credit to expert cabinet maker Anthony Buscemi. In all, the project took three months to fully research, model, construct, test, and finish. Now pleased with the final product, Brown confided that it was "one of the most difficult things we have done."

Tignanelli designed and the folks at Distinctive built the table for Mayco International LLC, an auto parts manufacturer and supplier in Sterling Heights. She took her design to many other woodworking specialists, yet Distinctive Design "had the most interest, most drive, and the right price," she insisted.

Tignanelli said Mayco has viewed the finished product and they are also very pleased with the work. Mayco will use the table in their Sterling Heights facility to discuss design changes with their customers and suppliers, Tignanelli said.

"It's beautiful, perfect, it's just what I envisioned. All I did was give them a sketch, tell them what materials I wanted it (made) out of, and they made it happen," said Tignanelli.

Distinctive Design was founded in 1992 by owner Stephen Ardelean and has developed a reputation for woodworking excellence. Distinctive specializes in a variety of wood fixtures for home or office, including fireplace mantels, recessed cabinets, home entertainment consoles, libraries, custom radius work, staircases, interior & exterior doors, as well as complete trim packages.

Having seen firsthand the level of craftsmanship the Leonard company can execute, Mayco and Tignanelli will return to Ardelean's shop for more. "They do excellent work, and (Vice President) Chad (Brown) was very responsive, Tignanelli said.

Brown was thankful for the opportunity and said the process was a great "learning experience" for his team. To further his mastery, he said he would "love the opportunity to design" the next specialty table himself.

To learn more about the innovations taking place at Distinctive Design, visit them at www.distinctivedesignwoodworking.com or call (248) 628-8850.

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