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August 22, 2012 - Lake to be lowered: The Village of Lake Orion has applied to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for a permit to temporarily draw down the level of Lake Orion by 36 inches.

The drawdown is to allow the Village to inspect the dam and to give residents around the Lake the opportunity to repair their seawalls. The DEQ has acknowledged receipt of the application. The Village will begin to lower the Lake approximately less than one inch per day, around Sept. 10. The re-filling of the Lake will begin on Nov. 12.

Boaters need to be aware once the Village begins to lower the Lake, they may need to get their boats off the Lake. Failure to act in a timely manner may result in their not being able to move their boats until the Lake is re-filled in October or November. Homeowners around the Lake are encouraged to apply now for any DEQ permit they may need to do work on their seawall or beach area.

DEQ can be contacted at www.deq.state.mi.us/lwm or by calling 517-373-9244. Other questions can be made at 248-639-8391.

Farmer's Market continues: Orion Township officials accepted the request by Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to extend the Farmer's Market every Wednesday from Sept. 5 to Oct. 10. The farmers market is located on Anderson Street between the Fire Hall parking area and theOrion Art Center.

Eagle Valley expasion public hearing: A public hearing for the proposed expansion of the existing Solid Waste Landfill will be held 7 p.m.Wed. Aug. 29 at the Orion Township hall located at 2525 Joslyn Road. For more information call the Township Clerk's office at 248-391-0304

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