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Done deal on 90 N. Main

August 29, 2012 - The former Clarkston High School and township hall, 90 N. Main Street, is set to have a new owner – Curt Catallo, owner of Clarkston's Union and Union Woodshop restaurants.

"We want to centralize as much as we can, so we're not spread too thin," said Catallo, who also owns Union Ad Works in Rochester Hills and is opening a new restaurant in Fenton. "Clarkston is definitely our home."

Catallo signed a purchase agreement with building owners Bob Roth and Ed Adler.

"We're moving forward," Roth said. "It's a great deal for the town."

The building will house Union Adworks, which produces catalogs and other literature for brands such as Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, Mopar, Fiat and Apple. The business employs designers and art directors, print producers, art buyers, account people, writers, and programmers, Catallo said.

"I still think the world of that space," said Catallo, who proposed purchasing the property last October.

The site required a special land use overlay due to its location, and boating access to Parke Lake was also an issue. Catallo requested use of the lake for employees for creative purposes, while residents were concerned about overuse.

Clarkston City Council resolved the lake-use issues, allowing the use of pontoon boats, and approved the zoning amendment last December.

Phil is editor for The Clarkston News. He is a veteran of the first Iraq war, having served in the U.S. Army.
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