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Ah, the last days of summer season

September 05, 2012 - This has been a time to soak in a balmy season, to indulge in a slow pace of "smelling the roses" and to find rejuvenation, rest, replenishment and refilling.

What a great season to just relax and just let the good stuff of life wash over us!

But – we can see the end; the list of tasks lies ahead. A tsunami of things inked on our calendar gathers before us and threatens to barrel down in an avalanche of demands.

Soon we will be consumed by soccer, homework, budgets, deadlines, catch-up clean-up, follow-up and a myriad of things that must be done to keep our head above water.

Summer hasn't even ended and we are already anxious because we must get things done. We are a people that must get things done.

But we are also a people created for another purpose.

When God gave Moses the Ten Commandments the third thing He said to do was: "Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy."

What's this mean? Another thing to get done? - Another thing to add to our list?

No – not at all.

Sabbath is an original Hebrew word of the bible and it means to rest, to cease exertion.

Like summer that arrives on our calendar and refreshes us, Sabbath, or rest - specifically rest with God - is something that also comes to us and refreshes us.

This rest and refreshment is something that God does FOR us.

What does that mean? God wants us to experience Sabbath and to rest in Him. He wants us to step back from our hectic lives and listen to what he has to say to us; He has a lot to say about how much He cares about us.

He does not want us to drown in our need to get things done and find ourselves in despair. He wants us to hear that he has a better plan for us than just getting things done.

So as summer comes to a close and the events of the new season threaten to consume our joy, we can stop, listen and take in the rest of this "ongoing Sabbath" season that He has for us.

Our value does not come from the accomplishment of the things we do. When we rest in His Words to us we see that we are refreshed not because we did stuff but because He does stuff – we are the people He loves.

What a great season to just relax and just let the good stuff of life wash over us!

Bill Northend is a Lutheran Pastor at TheGatheringPlace in Davisburg.

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