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Synergy sets sights on NYC

Synergy Production’s co-owners Billy Parr and Matthew Rankin write, mix, and record music. Photo provided (click for larger version)
September 12, 2012 - Billy Parr, 2006 graduate of Clarkston High School, is on his way to making music a career.

"Our longterm plan is to do it 100 percent," said Parr, 24, who owns and operates Synergy Production with Matthew Rankin of Livonia.

They work on their music every day, writing, mixing, and recording music, mostly hip hop and rap instrumentals, and preparing for upcoming showcase performances.

The business started as a hobby when they were students at Western Michigan University almost four years ago, making songs on the computer using music software.

"We didn't have anything to do with music in high school at all," he said. "It was something to do for fun. But we made 2-3 good songs."

Now they're making music and performing in showcase competitions in Detroit and around the country.

"We went to St. Andrews Hall in Detroit where Eminem performed, the same stage," he said.

Their goal is to compete in New York City.

"If they like our music, it could be huge," he said.

They've produced 602 original instrumentals so far, with about 100 sold or leased to singers and rappers.

"It's quality work," he said. "It's going really good. We're starting to make a living at it, but it takes awhile. We're starting to make some noise."

He grew up in Clarkston with his dad Troy, brother Justin, and grandparents, Jack and Betty.

For more information, check Synergyproductionsbeat on Facebook and\synergy productions.

– Phil Custodio

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