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Clarkston grad working Saturday Night

September 19, 2012 - If you recognized Seth MacFarlane's "boyfriend" or a wooden spoon maker named Elijah Yoder when you tuned into skits on Saturday Night Live this weekend, you were likely watching Clarkstonite Tim Robinson.

Robinson, who graduated from Clarkston High School in 2000, debuted on SNL over the weekend, and those who know him best couldn't be happier. "We're all very excited and thrilled for him," said Tim's grandmother Ann Robinson Moller.

According to Moller, Robinson has been funny for a long time. "We always thought he had that personality," she explained. Clarkston Drama Teacher Jeff Tice agrees. "He was one of the few students I thought had a chance to make it famous," said Tice.

Tice noticed Robinson's skills early on. "Tim had an uncanny brilliance and talent," he said. In particular, Tice remembers Robinson's ability to do impersonations, physical comedy, and improvise. "He didn't want or need scripted material," said Tice.

Because Robinson's personality was so dynamic, Tice admits he wasn't the kind of student to sit at a desk. It "was not easy to corral him," but at the same time, he was "great fun to be around."

Tice believes Robinson's comedic ability allowed him to successfully enroll The Second City, a comedy club and school of improvisation in Chicago, while still a senior at Clarkston High.

At The Second City, Robinson "skyrocketed to the top of his classes," said Tice. "Within a year, he was doing main stage productions . . . he just worked and worked, honing his craft."

While making audiences laugh may seem like fun, it is also hard work, said Moller. She said since joining SNL, Robinson has been very busy, "writing into the morning." Besides creating funny sketches, Moller points out that it takes confidence to perform in front of a live audience.

Although delivering laughs on live television isn't easy work, Moller says Tim is "very pleased" and feels it is a "great honor" to be on SNL.

Moller and Tice couldn't wait to watch Robinson's first show. Tice said he'd be bragging to family and friends and telling stories when SNL's new season airs. "Our whole family will be watching," said Moller.

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