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Groveland EMS on standby at football games

September 19, 2012 - Atlas Twp.- It's been about a year since the response time of a local ambulance company to an injured player during a Goodrich High School football game come under fire prompting a host of concerns.

This season it's a new ball game thanks to the efforts of Groveland Township emergency medical personnel.

A Groveland Township ambulance along with a EMS crew has now been stationed at the Goodrich Martian Football games on Friday night for at least some of the time.

"We are providing advanced life support in Atlas Township and we work closely with that community," said Groveland Township Fire Chief Steve McGee.

"We are sharing resources where possible and are providing first aid assistance in Atlas Township if necessary. No one asked us to be at the game—there is no charge to Goodrich in anyway. The EMS crew is on standby. The crew are volunteers and some of that crew have students that attend Goodrich Schools."

McGee said that during the first game of the season they transported a player to the hospital, his condition is unknown.

"Everyone understands that if we need to leave on another call we will," he said. "Still the residents of Groveland are our top priority."

Since Atlas Township has no ambulance stationed locally. If emergency medical service is needed they often respond from nearby Grand Blanc Township as much as eight miles away.

The ambulance controversy was the result of an incident at the Goodrich Homecoming game on Sept. 30, 2011.

With the Martians up 14-0 and 6:09 left in the second quarter, Lake Fenton defensive back Matt Hommer had head-to-head contact with a Goodrich player. Following the collision, Hommer, a junior, laid on the field in rainy, cool conditions for more than 30 minutes while coaches and trainers attended to his injuries. Genesee County Sheriff paramedics were called and arrived just prior to the arrival of a Swartz Ambulance. Hommer was stabilized and taken off the field on a stretcher. The game and halftime activities were delayed for about an hour. He was transported to Genesys Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Hommer left the hospital the following morning (Oct.1) under his own power, reported Todd Reynolds, Lake Fenton High School principal. He returned to school on Monday.

The exact time that elapsed while Hommer waited was unknown.

Township officials referred the incident to the Genesee County Medical Control Authority's Professional Standards Review Organization (PSRO) investigation in October. Due to the confidentiality of the peer review the results were not disclosed.

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