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Peeking In The Past

A Look Back From The CNews archives

October 17, 2012 - 15 years ago - 1997

"Fighting back" Cancer survivor Diana Dyer thought of herself as a dedicated guinea pig. She had three bouts of cancer, once when she was a child and two as an adult. When she had her second bout with breast cancer she decided it was time to fight back. She went on a quest to find out what was available to her and as a result wanted to share what she found.

"Engler comes to Wolf country" Gov. John Engler dropped by Clarkston High School to compliment the Clarkston Athletic Council on its new, tough athletic code of conduct. The new code included tougher penalties for drinking and illegal drugs.

"New school to be among first projects" A new elementary school was among five buildings in the first phase of construction for Clarkston Community Schools.

25 years ago - 1987

"Turn lane to remove village parking" Plans to put a light on M-15 and Waldon Road in the upcoming spring meant Main Street would lose four parking spots on the street, according to Michigan Department of Transportation. They were eliminated to help the flow of southbound traffic on M-15.

"Tire removal hits snag" Complications regarding ownership and other issues interfered with a lawsuit to remove 600,000 tires from 65 acres on White Lake Road in Independence Township. Tires were still being dumped at the site through a hole in the fence.

"School tax hike on ballot" A special Clarkston school district election asked voters to approve a 4.25 mill tax increase for operating purposes. The community had rejected a 4.25 mill proposal the previous June.

50 years ago - 1962

"Sashabaw school receives green pennant" Sashabaw Elementary school received a green pennant for going through one school year without any accidents to any of their students.

"Flash!" The Clarkston High School Band was set to perform during the opening of I-75 at Dixie Highway in the northbound lane. Two foreign exchange students were to cut the ribbon, in the presence of several state officials.

"Local news" Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Schultz was spending a week in Lake City at the family cabin and visiting her sister and husband at Houghton Lake.

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