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Hair cut to help others

Elizabeth Burtch of Clarkston grew her hair out 11 inches over three years so she could donate it to Children With Hairloss. Photo provided (click for larger version)
October 24, 2012 - It took Elizabeth Burtch of Clarkston three years to grow her hair out 11 inches, and just a few seconds to have it cut.

"It's emotional, it's a part of you," said Burtch, 23. "But it was so long. I was happy to get it cut. I'll do it again – it's going to a great cause."

She selected the non-profit group Children With Hairloss for donation.

"I researched a bunch of different organizations," she said. "I liked this one the best because they don't sell any of their hair services, it's provided free."

The group, based in South Rockwood, Mich., helps children suffering hair loss due to burn, illness, and other medically related causes.

"It's not limited to certain populations," she said.

This is her first donation.

"I wanted to help, to do something good," she said. "They're really excited about it, especially the red hair. It's hard to find hair this color."

"I'm very proud of her," said Marcia Burtch, her mother. "She made the choice to donate her hair, when she could have sold it – especially as a college student, she could have used the money. I'm hoping the donation helps a little boy or girl somewhere."

"I love the new look," Elizabeth said. "It's definitely easier to take care of."

She graduated from Goodrich High School in 2007 and is earning her masters in social work at University of Michigan. She has lived in Clarkston for about three years.

"I want to work with mothers and their babies, infant mental health attachment between mother and baby," she said. " A lot of things can be predicted based on early years in life. It's important for babies to be taken care of the way they need to be."

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– Phil Custodio

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