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What costume are you wearing?

From left, Jake Billette and Aaron Wilms, both 11 of Clarkston wield their weapons. Photo by O. Shumaker (click for larger version)
October 24, 2012 - By Olivia Shumaker

Review Staff Writer

With Halloween fast approaching, Lake Orion residents can stock up on costumes and decorations at Ed's Broadway Gift and Costume and the Halloween Outlet.

Both stores carry a broad variety of costumes for both children and adults. According to the owner, Lloyd Coe, the most popular costumes for kids have been superheroes, morphsuits and Monster High. Morphsuits are skintight, full-body spandex suits sold in almost any pattern and color, from plain to zebra.

"People generally react to movies," Coe said. "A lot of times the costumes that are popular are because movies or TV shows are popular."

Besides complete packaged costumes, both stores also sell smaller items, from masks, beards and wigs, "a wider selection of wigs than anybody," Coe said. Plain makeup is available, but the more adventurous can dabble with theatrical makeup.

Decorations are equally varied. In addition to traditional props like fog machines and Halloween lights are more outlandish pieces, like inflatable marshmallow men, chandeliers that shake as if haunted, and DVDs that are hologram illusions.

Ed's and the Halloween Outlet carry different offerings in each store, with Ed's having more costumes where the Halloween Outlet carries more decorations.

So, if you are looking to prepare for a Halloween party or just interested in dress-up options, swing by these local businesses for all of your Halloween needs.

The Halloween Outlet is located south of Clarkston Road near Belle Tire. Ed's is located in downtown Lake Orion, and can also be visited on their website,, or at 248-693-4220.

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