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October 24, 2012 - Dear Editor,

I am an independent conservative deeply concerned about the direction our country is heading. The only real way citizens can affect changing the direction of government is to elect candidates who share your ideals and aspirations. This is true from the president of the U.S. all the way down to local municipal candidates.

That brings me to Jose Aliaga. Jose is an intelligent, articulate, conservative Republican running for township trustee in Independence Township. Jose is running for all the right reasons. He is concerned about the quality of life and economic wellbeing of his fellow township residents. Jose is an American citizen! Jose is also the future of the conservative movement and the Republican Party.

You may have met Jose over the summer months when he was walking neighborhoods and visiting thousands of homes to introduce himself. Jose is very accessible and his candidacy is supported by a huge number of Republicans at the local, state, and even federal levels. Jose is a good man, a hard worker, and is concerned about the wellbeing of Independence Township residents. Please join me in supporting Jose for township trustee.

If you are concerned about the direction our great country is headed (can you say "Greece") then just pull the straight Republican lever, and your vote will count for good people from Romney/Ryan all the way down to Jose. God bless the USA and God bless Independence Township.

Please vote.

Mike Clark

Independence Township

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