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Cop logs

December 26, 2012 - Monday, December 17

Deputies were dispatched to the 300 block of Shummard Branch where a woman said her son was upset and throwing things around the house because she would not let him use her phone. The son left before the police arrived. The woman send her son was homeless and there were several warrants out for his arrest. An area search was conducted with negative results.

Thursday, December 18

A man called the Oxford Village Police to report a person keeps calling him and accusing him of stealing goods from them.

Wednesday, December 19

Two women who work at an elementary school off Lakeville Road went to the Oxford

Substation to report money missing from their purses, one had $20 missing and the other $145. Both women admitted their purses were stored in an unsecured area where students and maintenance people have access. The women were advised to always leave cash in secured areas.

A comment was posted on an Oxford High School's Facebook that a 16 year-old student was alleged to have made threats he was going to shoot students on the bus and at the school. School officials told the deputies the student making the threat had been removed from the school and sent to Crossroads for Youth because of threats he made to students by pointing his fingers at them in the shape of a gun. In an interview, the boy's mother told deputies that her son has Asperser's syndrome and is misunderstood at the Oxford School system. The woman also said she does not keep any weapons in her house and routinely checks her children's rooms for anything suspicious. The boy said he never made any threatening comments and would never hurt anyone. The boy also said he when he was picked up by the bus and transported to school, that he was alone. Oxford School bus supervisor was unable to confirm if the boy rode alone.

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