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Snow storm blocks village property deal

February 27, 2013 - Ortonville- Adverse weather this past week delayed yet again the purchase of property by village officials, although after more than a year, the deal should be sealed within the next week.

"The 255 Narrin purchase is a done deal, we just have to have a formal closing, it was cancelled because of weather," said Village Manager John Lyons on Tuesday, ahead of a blizzard that arrived that evening. "We will schedule the closing for the beginning of next week."

The closing has been a long time coming. The council unanimously approved in January 2012 to pay $2,000 as a refundable deposit to Apex Company for the purchase of the property at 255 Narrin St. Apex, a mortgage company based in Pennsylvania, took ownership of the property after a foreclosure. The village agreed to pay $40,000 for the property.

The village had previously obtained neighboring 278 Narrin at no cost due to unpaid back taxes and the council is interested in using both properties for a wastewater treatment plant to service businesses and residences within the village, as well as Brandon Schools.

Environmental studies were conducted at the properties and officials were moving forward with the purchase when a June 18 fire destroyed the empty build-ing at 255 Narrin that was formerly occupied by Ak'Wa Water. The village had been in the process of getting the building condemned and were planning future demolition of the building at the time the fire, the cause of which was undetermined, occurred.

When the closing finally takes place, Lyons said the next step will be issuance of a discharge permit by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, and officials will then begin planning what they want to do regarding a sewer system and plant.

"We have to have a collection system and treatment system—we have nothing," said Lyons. "In order to keep costs down, we have to plan the best way to spend money. Estimates will put us in the ballpark, where sewers lines will be, and the area to be served. We will try to build a plant to serve the village and schools first."

Susan covers Brandon Township and Ortonville
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