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Laughs about life in California Suite

Divorced couple Hannah Warren, played by Wendy Hedstrom, and Billy Warren, performed by Dan Cook, in the Clarkston Village Players' production of Neil Simon's California Suite. (click for larger version)
March 13, 2013 - Travel offers a lot more than a change of scenery for the characters in the Clarkston Village Player's latest comedy, Neil Simon's California Suite. The production is made up of four playlets, each one packed with laugh-out-loud hilarity.

From beginning to end, California Suite presents "a lot of humor with a lot of humanity," said Director Jan Cable. That's because the play is not only just funny, but it is also about life, Cable pointed out.

In one playlet, divorced couple Hannah Warren played by Wendy Hedstrom and William (Billy) Warren performed by Dan Cook are reunited after many years of separation. Between their bouts of witty banter, the Warrens must negotiate for custody of their teenage daughter who prefers Beverly Hills to New York City.

Another sidesplitting playlet features actor James Hoxey playing Marvin Michaels and actor Cynthia Haaseth who performs as Millie Michaels. Once Millie arrives at the hotel to meet her husband, her trip to catch an in-law's Bar Mitzvah takes a hilarious turn when Bunny, the prostitute, overstays her welcome.

California Suite's four story lines reveal the funny in true-to-life scenarios and take audiences on a hilarious and relatable trip. According to Cable, this lifelike comedy is typical of Neil Simon's work. "He knew human behavior," she explained.

"We like to do one show that is seasoned, that is a classic and by an author who is well known, and California Suite is one of Neil Simon's very popular shows," she said.

From Cable's point of view, the Clarkston Village Player's latest production isn't only one the audience will enjoy, but the actors are delighted with it too. "They're having a good time up there. I think the audience will see that," she said.

Find out why Neil Simon's play California Suite has succeeded at drawing audiences since 1976 by stopping by the Depot Theater at 4861 White Lake Road on March 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, or 23.

Purchase tickets on or call the ticket line at 248-575-4104. Watch an extended interview with Director Jan Cable on

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