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Kids learn about life of salmon

Gavin Conrad displays the different sizes of a salmon life span. (click for larger version)
May 01, 2013 - Andersonville Elementary fourth grader Olivia Neubeck may enjoy eating different foods at lunch, but she has learned salmon do not share the same taste in food as she and her classmates.

"They eat insects," she explained about the salmon the fourth graders have been raising and taking care of in their classrooms. "They can eat dragonflies even though they don't live in the water. When a dragonfly goes up to the water, the salmon can get them."

They have also learned about the different predators preying on the salmon - like the sea lamprey.

"The sea lamprey attaches to them," she said. "It sucks out their blood so they die."

"They have to camouflage," added Gavin Conrad. "It helps them adapt to not getting eaten."

The students participated in hands-on activities last Friday. They looked at insects the salmon eat as well as the environment they live in.

Other activities include a salmon survival activity and a scents activity where the salmon maneuver down branches of a river to get back to their habitat.

"They have learned about the behaviors and the habitats of the salmon," said Andrea Lockwood, fourth grade teacher.

The project was part of the students' animal unit and was funded by the National Steelheaders Association. Andersonville Elementary is the only school in Clarkston participating in the project.

~Wendi Reardon

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