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Peeking In The Past

A Look Back From The CNews archives

May 15, 2013 - 15 years ago - 1998

"Plane crashes near Pine Knob" A plane crashed just south of Clarkston Rd. near Pine Knob Music Theatre. Authorities said a tree reduced crash impact, may have saved the life of 60-year-old pilot Ronald Ginahi. The plane was a small Cessna 150 single-engine plane headed to Big Beaver Airport. Ginahi was transported to the hospital and treated for head and neck injuries, lacerations and a fractured left ankle.

"Smart Cards come to Clarkston High School" New identification cards modeled after high-tech ID cards used in colleges made their debut at the Clarkston High School. The new cards featured student name and photo attached to a lanyard to be worn around the neck. Some students said there was no need for the cards, stating that Clarkston High School is a safe school, and people who don't belong there generally don't visit. Principal Brent Cooley said that while there was no problem at the time with people in school that don't belong, there could be in the future.

25 years ago - 1988

"Village may pursue cityhood" Residents circulated a petition requesting the State Boundary Commission consider incorporating the village of Clarkston as a city. All council members serving at the time signed the petition as did 135 residents. The main goal of the request was to preserve the unique character of the village, and preserve the village's rights. The commission had to hold a legal review of the petition before holding a public hearing. In order to incorporate, a charter had to be passed.

"Path system grows" A $100,000 project for 2,000 feet of new safety paths were planned in Independence Township. The project included 1,000 feet which connected a path on Waldon to Paramus Roads in front of Clarkston Elementary. Another 1,000 feet of path on White Lake Rd. connected a Dixie Highway path to another safety path near Deer Lake.

50 years ago - 1963

"Gay Twenties" The Gay Twenties group held their monthly meeting at the community center. The lesson of the month was, "Your money's worth of meat."

"Local news" Students at Clarkston Elementary presented, "I Sing of Michigan" at the Little Theatre in the Clarkston High School.

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