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OAYA recognizes 46 kids for good works

Congratulations to all the Oxford students honored by Oxford-Addison Youth Assistance on May 7. Photo by C.J. Carnacchio. (click for larger version)
May 15, 2013 - Good kids doing good things.

That's what Oxford-Addison Youth Assistance's (OAYA) annual Youth Recognition Ceremony is all about.

This year was no exception as OAYA honored 46 young people (listed below) May 7 for their good deeds, compassionate acts, service to others, leadership roles and positive contributions to their classrooms, schools and community.

Oxford Township Trustee Jack Curtis, who participated in the ceremony, said it was "kind of neat" to see all these young folks honored for their good works considering "we always hear about the bad kids" and things they do on the television news.

Some of the kids, like Kathryn Flanagan, Michael Johnson and Alyssa Fletcher, were recognized for tutoring their fellow students to help them learn and improve their grades.

Haley Hull was honored for helping worthy causes such Oxford-Orion FISH and Children's Hospital, yet still having time to create care packages for soldiers and Easter baskets for the needy.

David Moore was honored for his commitment to the environment by spearheading a paper recycling program at Daniel Axford Elementary that helps save trees and cut down on the amount of garbage in landfills.

In one case, an entire group was recognized for its outstanding efforts to aid a local charity that provides shelter and care for homeless dogs until they can find loving homes.

Junior Girl Scout Troop 13400 raised $682 for the Oxford-based K-Stray Rescue League. On top of that, each of its 10 members donated 15 hours of time doing volunteer work at the group's kennel, making blankets for the dogs and sorting through bundles and bundles of newspaper.

But no matter what they did to be honored at the OAYA ceremony, one thing is crystal clear – all of these kids definitely help make Oxford a better place through their selfless actions. Let's give them a hand!

Joseph Alexie-Ruff

Ian Betley

Gabriel Boothe

Tyler DeJong

Nick Dinh

Brian Edwards

Markus Ellis

Connor Evans

Adam Findlay

Kathryn Flanagan

Alyssa Fletcher

Leah Freiberg

Christa Hull

Haley Hull

Michael Johnson

Drake Kasprzak

David Moore

Kaleb Parris

Cody Pearson

Oren Ramsey

Christopher Robinson

Kendall Rowley

Josh Schoenherr

Chloe Schulz

Tyler Scott

Natalie Shefferly

Daniel Sheppard

Katherine Staser

Alexis Tincher

Lauren Ubbing

Olivia Upham

Rory Vince

Nathan Watt

Danner Wilson

Garrett Wilson

Kate Wozniak

Ella Brzezinski

Miranda Clarke

Erin Dinan

Eleanor Dolata

Kayla Drogosch

Lauren Johnson

Gwyneth Love

Zanna Sayeau

Becca Smiles

Ashlee Weltyk

CJ Carnacchio is editor for The Oxford Leader. He lives in the Village of Oxford with his wife Connie and daughter Larissa. When he's not busy working on the newspaper, he enjoys cigars/pipes, Martinis/Scotch, hunting and fishing.
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