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From left, Clarkston students Sydney Cano and Anna Cook check out the Volt, with the help of Brian Pospy, business development manager with3M. (click for larger version)
June 05, 2013 - Clarkston Elementary students learned about electricity and electric cars, thanks to parent volunteer Brian Pospy.

Pospy, business development manager with 3M, explained and demonstrated the Chevy Volt vehicle and how it eschews gasoline to run on Lithium ion batteries. Third and fifth graders got a chance to power up the cars with a push of the button at the demonstration, May 8.

"This is a good example how businesses, 3M, our community Bowman Chevrolet and parent volunteers and schools can come together for the benefit of inspiring students with hands-on demonstrations and experiences that hopefully make an educational impact," he said. "As an engineer living in this community, I personally get energized having the opportunity to share knowledge with our students who will be our future scientists and engineers."

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