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Pictures show way Clarkston was

The view west on Washington Street from Main looks a bit different in a historical photo donated by Terry Goyette. The dirt road is lined with horse-drawn wagons. Photo by Andrea Beaudoin (click for larger version)
June 12, 2013 - When former Clarkston resident Terry Goyette was passing through town recently to visit his parents' graves, he stopped by the Clarkston News office.

He had something he knew the News would be interested in vintage photos of Clarkston going back to the horse-and-buggy days.

"They were once owned by my grandparents and then my parents," said Goyette, who grew up in the area.

His family's roots run deep in Clarkston. His father once owned a funeral home on Main Street, which now serves as a bed and breakfast.

His grandfather used to own Terry's Market during the Depression and often traded goods with Henry Ford. His grandmother lived on Holcomb Street, in a house that still stands today.

A few of the photos show the aftermath of a large explosion in the downtown area decades ago, while others show downtown paved in dirt.

One photo of a school shows several students of varying ages standing outside.

"It's probably the entire student body that went to the school," said Goyette.

Once the photos are scanned by The Clarkton News for archives, News staff will deliver the photos to Clarkston Community Historical Society, as requested, where they will be preserved and displayed.

"I'm thrilled to add the photos to the collection," said Toni Smith, director of the historical society.

Andrea Beaudoin

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