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$75.65M school budget approved

July 03, 2013 - Clarkston Board of Education voted unanimously, June 24, to approve the district's $75.65 million budget for 2013-2014.

Revenues are budgeted at $75.27 million, a 2.51 percent increase over last year's $73.42 million. Spending is expected to be $75.65 million, down 3.26 percent from $78.2 million last year. Transfers into the general fund from other district programs, including $238,500 from the early childhood center, make up the difference. The decrease in spending is the result of staffing cuts, benefit reductions, and other employee concessions, said Superintendent Dr. Rod Rock.

"Remarkable work has gone into this balanced budget I don't know the last time we were able to accomplish this," Rock said. "Our employees have less money in their pockets than a few months ago."

With seven retirements and resignations approved on June 24, the school board issued recall notices to 27 teachers from throughout the district. A total of 31 teachers were laid off last April. The district's fund balance, which fell from $7.9 million to $3.3 million last year, is budgeted to remain at $3.3 million this next school year.

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