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Free emergency info at News office

August 21, 2013 - The Clarkston News has free emergency preparation material such as flyers, booklets and information at 5. South Main Street in downtown Clarkston. Anyone is welcome to come in the office and grab information while supplies last.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) information includes tips to prepare homes, businesses and classrooms for emergency situations. There is also information on pets, older Americans and individuals with disabilities, with several available in Braille .

Recommendations include assembling a individual "go bags," filled with food and supplies for at least three days.

Have one gallon of water per person per day for emergencies. According to FEMA, the average person drinks half a gallon of water per day, the rest being used for sanitation purposes. Hot temperatures or heavy work can increase water requirements.

Each person should have a complete change of clothing including a coat, long sleeve shirt, long pants, socks and heavy duty shoes. Clothing for both and warm and cold climate should also be included.

Prepackaged first aid kits should include bandages, gauze, latex gloves, peroxide, alcohol, antibiotic cream, band-aids, aspirin, antacids, anti-diarrhea medicine, scissors, tweezers, and a manual.

Also, prepare a family emergency plan with meeting spots should communications go down, designate a person in the area as well as out of town who can serve as a contact for the entire family, so family members can check in during emergencies, and plan an escape route from the home.

Each person should have a sleeping bag as well as a warm blanket. A single layer placed on the bottom of a shelter or sleeping area, in between a person and the earth, will keep a person warmer than adding two layers on top.

Independence Fire Chief Steve Ronk said families may want to consider investing in a generator. Just remember any generator must be run in a well ventilated area.

Non-perishable food supplies should include canned goods such as fruit, vegetables, soups and meats. Other good emergency food items include energy bars, cereal, crackers, oats, peanut butter and beef jerky. FEMA offers a variety of free information for homes, schools, groups, organizations, clubs and businesses. Call 800-480-2520 or check www.fema.gov.

Oakland County offers information on preparing for emergencies at www.oakgov.com. The American Red Cross teaches CPR and First-Aid, check www.redcross.org. Call Independence Township Fire Department at 248-625-1924.

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