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Proud deputies welcome building enhancements with old story

September 18, 2013 - Over the summer several enhancements were made to the Oakland county Sheriff's Office Orion Substation at township hall in order to make the substation more user friendly for both patrons and patrolers.

After doing a bit of research, deputies decided on creating a new victim's conference room and separate childrens' area, extra interviewing rooms, and updated the security measures with additional AV monitors which record entrances to the building, parking lots, the call box and internal compartments.

"We created the process with a new arrest when they come in if they are just with one deputy they can be secured without actually uncuffing the prisoners," said Lieutenant Dan Toth. "It's safer for the officer, the deputies, and for the suspects, so it's safer for everybody."

Lieutenant Toth also found a picture of the first two Orion Township deputies from 1952, disputing neighboring township's (Rochester Hills and Highland) argument that they were the first to be contracted with the OCSD.

"We go way back," Toth said.

The first deputies were hired for emergency runs and wore blue uniforms.

Currently 52 deputies live in Orion and 25 are contracted specifically for the township.

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