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LOHS grad wipes out, twice

September 18, 2013 - By Ana Cordera

Special Review Writer

Lake Orion High School graduate Allie Hock recently appeared on the ABC hit show Wipeout.

The 23-year-old participated in the episode "Blind date: Even Blinder" which originally aired on Sep. 5. The full-length episode can be viewed on the TV Guide website.

Hock, who now lives in Los Angeles, California., is the campaign special projects manager for Girl Rising, a global action campaign for girls' education. She said she first heard about an open-casting call to be on Wipeout from a friend.

"I went to this parking lot for six hours and there were around 400 people," Hock said. "[The producers] asked you what your profession was; they made you say what your nickname would be and something interesting about yourself."

She said she eventually got a callback audition a few months later. This time it was an on-camera audition.

"I really wanted to be on the show because I'm insanely competitive and I also have a tendency to be obnoxious, so I did a lot of stupid stuff with my arms," Hock said. "It must have been what they were looking for because after I got a call."

She was chosen for the blind date episode and was told the production of the show would start soon.

Hock said she didn't meet her partner until an interview the contestants had on-camera.

During the show, she competed with her male partner. The duo worked together as they battled through the challenges.

"We were the team everybody knew (they had) to beat," she said. "We were really strong, we killed the first round."

As the competition progressed, Hock said her team was doing well until they competed in a challenge in which they had to pass through a hole on a revolving platform in order to continue.

She said, "I tried this [challenge] nine times. I broke my ankle on the third try, but I am really competitive so I wanted to keep going."

Although they were eliminated that round, Hock said her partner wasn't mad.

"I think I was way more disappointed [than him,]" she said. "He's just such a nice guy and I felt really bad."

Despite not winning, Hock said she doesn't regret anything and is happy she got a chance to compete on the show.

"It was not the national television debut I had expected," she said.

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