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HealthQuest provides healing inside Scripps Mansion

September 18, 2013 - The ornate, Oscar Bach designed doors of Scripps Mansion opened last Thursday, September 12, for Phil Krause and Dan Cady, owners of HealthQuest Physical Therapy in Lake Orion.

They carried a huge $7,000 check written out to Guest House, an addiction rehabilitation facility located on the Scripps Estate that has been providing treatment to Catholic clergy since 1956.

This year they selected Guest House of Orion Township and the Baldwin Center of Pontiac to donate their proceeds from the annual HealthQuest golf outing held earlier this summer, but their partnership began with Guest House at least ten years ago.

Krause opened HealthQuest in 2001, and Cady joined his team as a PT that November. At the time, Krause already had connections with some patients from Guest House, and began seeing nuns who were being treated for their addictions.

The goal was to improve their overall health status, with Guest House providing both the clinical and spiritual settings for mental addiction recovery, and HealthQuest treating the physical ailments.

"They provide physical therapy treatment for our priests and our women who have health issues," Denise Burtin-Epp said, President and CEO of Guest House. "They might have a physical problem, but our goal is always the best, or maximum state of wellness, so that's why HealthQuest is such a good partner for us."

Guest House not only treats alcohol addiction, but also gambling, hoarding, and weight management issues.

Female's are treated in Lake Orion, and male clergy and priests are treated at another private facility in Rochester, Minnesota.

Sisters can spend anywhere from five to eight months at Guest House during treatment.

"The average stay for chemical dependency is more like 3 or 4 months. For food issues, because of some of the bodily break down, it's more like 7 or 8 months," Executive Director for the women's program, Mary Ellen, said.

After initial treatment, sisters take a therapeutic leave for about a week to try out new learnings and behaviors, and then return to Guest House for an evaluation and fine-tuning if needed. Afterwards they are discharged, and can remain at Scripps Mansion for an 18-month after-care program. Sisters can utilize many of the rooms offered within the mansion for recovery, especially the chapel, a place for Mass, prayer and introspection, according to The Scripps Mansion: Its Era, Art and Family.

"We have a holistic approach, so it's not just recovery from whatever the manifestation of the addictive illness is," Ellen explained. "It's also getting the proper nutrition, exercise, and getting the body back in shape, so it's the whole person, not just one tiny aspect."

Cady and Krause treat many orthopedic injuries such as with the back, shoulders and knees, and live very close to both their offices as well as Guest House.

"It's just something we like to do as community members," Krause said. It's such a nice community organization, nothing is better than Guest House."

"We look at the whole picture," Cady added. "We try to get people not just back to where they were before they came in, but even better."

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