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New website allows residents to leave comments

October 09, 2013 - An online website called MiCommunity ReMarks allowing users to leave and view comments about Independence Township is now active.

"It's now online," said Ben Carlisle from Carlisle Wortman, the township's planning and engineering firm.

The site which can be found by visiting is another tool to be used to add to the success of community planning.

The website allows people to upload images, leave and view comments and respond to other peoples comments.

Carlisle added the site is an interactive way to gather direct feedback.

"We really focused on two specific areas in the township including Dixie Highway and Sashabaw Roads," he said.

A special tool allows users to "pin" locations and leave comments about a location.

In addition to engaging the public, the site allows officials to see suggestions and what residents want in their community.

"As comments build up you start seeing a pattern where people have focus or concerns," said Carlisle. Comments made are loaded into a organized database.

Dick Carlisle added the website is a great place for residents who feel like they don't have a chance to share with their community.

The website was discussed during a Master Plan Workshop in September. The master plan is a statement of the goals and policies, as well as a tool, to guide officials while making decisions about the community.

Carlisle said his firm has used the site for planning efforts in other communities. "It's a creative ways to engage public," he said.

"We encourage everyone to go to the site," said Carlisle. "It gives you the opportunity to see what your neighbors are saying about development issues in the community."

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