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Township seeks public comments

November 06, 2013 - Independence Township officials are asking for citizen comments about the Sashabaw and Dixie Highway corridors. Comments will be used to make decisions about the communities Master Plan.

During a joint meeting with the Independence Township Board of Directors and the Planning Commission to review the Township's master plan, comments made by local leaders were added to get the site started.

Comments left by residents and officials so far include,

"Finish safety/walking path on south side of Clarkston Road between Sashabaw and Pine Knob Road," said J. Schultz.

Another note left by Shultz suggested an area south of DTE Energy going southbound on Sashabaw needs a right turn lane to go onto I-75 North. "Too many near misses as people slow down to try to make this hard turn."

Other comments and suggestions for Sashabaw Road include building a community center, working on safety concerns for bicyclists and pedestrians, adding green spaces and trees, adding pocket parks to promote pedestrian traffic,

Independence Township Parks, Recreation and Seniors Director Ken Elwert asked "Could we use the electric right of way to connect school, park, neighborhoods and business on Sashabaw? If a way could be found around the edges of the golf course to the west maybe this right of way could help connect our Dixie and Sashabaw Corridors in a pedestrian friendly way."

One note said opportunities need to be sought to create community gardens and green spaces on Sashabaw Road.

Dixie Highway needs more green too, one commenter expressed.

Independence Township Trustee Andrea Schroeder commented there needs to be improved cross-traffic and left turn access on Sashabaw Road between Hidden Lakes and Maybee Road.

Schroeder also said the Michigan left turns need to be reviewed.

Dixie Highway notes include installing entrance signs on both the north and south end of the township. "Lets own it," said one comment.

Cory Johnston said a "Safety Path does not continue along a dealership property even though it exists on Dixie and north of property on M-15. Lack of connectivity and continuity is a problem for making these pedestrian amenities usable and worthwhile. This is also a very dangerous place to cross the road due to right and left turns off Dixie, so crossing M-15 to get to the sidewalk on the other side is not an easy thing to do."

Other comments for Dixie included focusing on pedestrian safety and working to develop vacant properties.

Visitors to the site can add comments anonymously about several issues with the two corridors including improving traffic and pedestrian safety, improving identity and visual image of both corridors, and improving commercial and residential development.

To leave a comment or see what others are saying visit,

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