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Mathisen appointed to village council

November 27, 2013 - By Meg Peters

Review Staff Writer

Three candidates applied for the Lake Orion Village Council while two attended the council meeting Monday evening in their efforts to take the empty position left behind by previous councilman Mike Toth.

After a minute or two of reviewing applications, councilmember David Churchill made the motion.

"I'm sure that everybody has their favorite," Churchill said. "While everyone here seems like they're qualified, he [Brad Mathisen] would be my choice with his prior knowledge of the village," he said.

Shauna Brown supported the motion, and the council voted all in favor of Brad Mathisen.

Doug Hobbs said, "I just want to support that Brad's been to the most council meetings, I think he's been here more than some council members at times. He knows what's going on around town, I'm in support."

Mathisen stepped up to council and was sworn in. He sat down at Toth's prior seat, and the meeting continued.

"I just want to mention that anyone that didn't get elected, we have openings on our Planning Commission Board and our Board of Zoning Appeals. Those are good stepping stones too," President Ken Van Portfliet said.

Mathisen was not elected into office at the November 12. The meeting did not meet its quorum size after Van Portfliet voted against him, allowing more candidates to apply before the position had to be filled on Wednesday, November 27.

Two other applicants, Alice Young and Tim Chevrier, applied for the council position, after the due date for applications early November.

All candidates were of legal age, were eligible village voters, did not have felonies, and were not at fault to the village.

Mathison will serve until November 10, 2014, until voters elect him, or other qualified people, into office November 4, 2014. The position would then serve until November 2016.

Toth also left anther position vacant when he resigned thirty days ago from Wednesday, the due-date to fill his positions.

Shauna Brown took his position as the Parks and Recreation council representative.

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