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Construction Board of Appeals formation tabled

November 27, 2013 - Atlas Twp- At the Nov.18 board meeting the trustees opted to table a joint formation of a Construction Board of Appeals (CBA) with the Village of Goodrich.

The three person governmental unit comprised of two township and one village representative would enforce the State Construction Code. The members of the CBA are appointed with township board or council approval. The board will hear appeals from the decisions of the township building official. The CBA members will be licensed builders and will serve two year terms.

"The Construction Board of Appeals will hear cases regarding Michigan building codes," said Shirley Kautman-Jones, township supervisor.

"The Construction Board of Appeals was created years ago, but has been rarely used. Due to the size of the township we'll have two on the board—with one (member) from the village."

Township Trustee Patrick Major had questions regarding the board.

"I have concerns," he said. "Since these three board members are uncompensated (financially) there's no savings to the township or village. Also, if there are issues in the village we have potential to get tied into issues that we have no control over. We'll get tangled into messes we just don't need to be involved in."

Similarly, on Nov. 11 the Goodrich Village Council tabled moving forward on the CBA

"I don't know why we need it," said Doug McAbee, councilmember.

"The CBA may never meet—basically they would only meet when needed."

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