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Depot bridge out for repairs

Boards block access to the bridge pending repairs. Photo by Phil Custodio (click for larger version)
December 04, 2013 - DPW worker Jason Miller said he has been monitoring a sagging bridge in Depot Park closely.

"After inspecting the bridge at the south end of the park which I have been doing every other week for the last few months, I have noticed the planks and boards are cracking which is making the bridge very unsafe to cross for pedestrians," said Miller.

Kids who like the way the bowing planks "spring" may have been jumping on them, which is causing further damage to the bridge by cracking the boards more and pulling fastened screws out, he said.

"This can cause one of two things either a board breaking or flipping off to where someone can fall through which makes the bridge very unsafe at this point," said Miller.

Miller said he has obtained an estimate of the materials needed to repair the bridge.

Miller asked for a $1,000 budget to repair the bridge, but expects it will only cost around $550. The price may be higher or lower depending on what materials are used to fix the bridge.

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