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Too many garbage trucks in neighborhood

December 11, 2013 - Representatives from the Chestnut Hills Subdivision Barbara Taylor and Dean Grubbs

are concerned over garbage trucks tearing up their private roads.

Taylor asked Independence Township trustees for help.

"Are you aware of the challenges and how it has to be grassroots, we have to get multiple petitions and we have tried a few times in the past and it and failed,' said Taylor.

Taylor said some of the challenges Chestnut Hills faces when repaving the road include working around underground utility easements and a well pump house.

"The last time we had it quoted the estimate for just my property alone was $11,900," she said. "Traffic from garbage trucks is increasing every year."

Roads will soon need to be repaved because they are in bad shape, she said. If they are, the neighborhood association wants the traffic from garbage trucks to be reduced.

"A lot of residents are not aware of what they have o go through to have their roads repaved. They are not aware of the damage with the increased traffic of these 30 to 40 ton trucks. If I pay the $12,000 to have my roads repaired, I would rather not have 8-10 trucks coming through every week," she said.

There are six to seven garbage trucks that come through the sub every week, and the traffic from the trucks seems to be increasing every year, she said.

"We want to know what we can do to make this a community effort," said Taylor. "I know there are a lot of surrounding communities that do it successfully."

Taylor said in addition to reducing wear and tear n the roads, reducing garbage truck traffic will ensure garbage is only left out one day a week and notice and air pollution will be reduced.

Clerk Barb Pallotta said garbage carriers must be registered with the township and her subdivision does not have seven carriers registered.

Pallotta said there is also an ordinance regarding garbage disposal companies.

Lohmeier said neighborhoods have agreed on one carrier. He added that a previous effort to get one carrier to pick up all garbage in the township also failed.

Staff writer covering Independence Township and Clarkston area.
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