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City hires new clerk

December 18, 2013 - Clarkston City Council appointed a new clerk during their Dec. 6 meeting.

Sandy Miller will retire from Independence Township at the end of December and begin her new position as city clerk on January 6th.

Miller has worked for the township in various departments for 30 years.

"I feel fortunate to have her," said Clarkston City Manager Carol Eberhardt, adding the Miller has helped the city several times during elections.

"She has come in and helped make sure everything run smoothly during election time," she said.

Eberhardt said if she would have created a list of the person with all of the qualifications she wanted to work at the city, Miller's resume would have fit the bill.

"She's nice too," said Eberhardt. "It does not get better than that, and the city is so blessed to be getting her."

Miller said when she first started working for the township 30 years ago she was a single mother and was going though and agency that helped job seekers create and polish resumes and dress for a job.

The agency pointed to Independence Township and she was interviewed by a worker at the parks and recreation department.

She got the job because she had some experience with auditing and bookkeeping. A while later she transferred to the building department because she was skilled in that type of work too.

"Of course being a girl I had to prove myself," said Miller. "They didn't even have uniforms for women back them so had to wear men's clothes."

Miller has seen a lot of changes over the years at the township from building improvements to different supervisors.

Now she works in accounts payable at Independence Township, but at the city she will do all sorts of types of jobs.

"I'm thinking I have all of the skills to handle whatever comes my way while working at the city," she said. "I'm ready for the challenge."

Eberhardt said like every other city employee, Miller will wear many hats and do a variety of jobs very day.

Staff writer covering Independence Township and Clarkston area.
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