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A poem for his birthday

Charles Galbraith celebrated a pre-birthday coffee at the Village Bake Shop in Downtown Clarkston with his friend Frank Liimatta, who wrote him a poem on Christmas Day for his birthday. Photo by Andrea M. Beaudoin (click for larger version)
January 08, 2014 - Charles Galbraith celebrated his 93rd birthday on Jan. 2. To celebrate, Galbraith, who was born in 1921, visited the Clarkston Village Bake Shop with friend Frank Liimatta to have coffee, which he does everyday.

"I like to come in and look at all the pretty girls," Galbraith said.

For over 40 years, he had an office above the bake shop. A photo from over 30 years ago featuring him is underneath the glass on a table at the bakery.

On Christmas Day for Charles' birthday, his good friend Frank Liimatta wrote his friend a poem. Each line in the poem represents a letter in Charles name.

–Andrea Beaudoin

A Telephone Man's Calling

Communications has been my career,

Headed to Hawaii with all my gear.

After my service, back to Ma Bell

Reuniting at home sure feels swell.

Loaded the truck and wired in the country

Everyone wants phones wired up promptly.

Standing by one pole was mean looking bull,

Gratefully removed with the farmers pull.

After he's gone I'm working again,

Laughing at all the places I've been.

Brought in a line to a cute gal's house,

Remembered her number then made her my spouse.

And no I look back and have to say,

I believe everything turned out OKAY!

Telephone men usually do just fine,

Heaven help them, if they cross up their lines.

By Frank R. Liimatta

Dec. 25, 2013

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