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Tape offer in advance of M-15 work

January 22, 2014 - Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will videotape homes and businesses along M-15 inside and out, in case any damage occurs during this year's resurfacing project.

MDOT and the city of Clarkston sent letters to homeowners about the process.

"The engineers at MDOT clearly understand how fragile the foundations of many structures along the resurfacing route is, and they are taking measures to minimize the impact on these buildings," said City Manager Carol Eberhardt. "All basements along Main Street will be videotaped to ensure repair of any damages that occur during the resurfacing project."

Homeowners and businesses will be required to sign a document allowing MDOT to videotape basements and the outside of buildings.

MDOT representative Luke Arnold said old buildings may have some foundation issues, making visual documentation and monitoring vibrations necessary.

Construction crews will also be required to monitor vibration levels, and will stop working if a certain threshold is reached, so building foundations are not damaged.

Eberhardt said homeowners have expressed some concern over the project.

"One homeowner on Main Street is concerned because of a large wine caller he has in the basement," she said.

She added that so far, when she explains why the videotaping must occur, reluctance to participate in the process usually subsides.

"Once they find out why the video is being taken, they seem to agree that it is necessary," she said. "If a property owner does not wish to participate, they must sign a waiver."

Opting to sign a waiver rather than letting MDOT in to videotape will release them from responsibility if any damage that occurs during the project.

"Really, this is being done to protect homeowners and businesses from any damage that could occur," she added.

The $4.1 million resurfacing project is set to begin in spring on about 8.6 miles of M-15, from Wolf Road in Ortonville to Dixie Highway in Independence Township.

During the project, crews will remove about 1 ˝ inch of pavement from the road surface. Other work will include resurfacing and upgrading sidewalk ramps to bring them into American's with Disability Act (ADA) compliance.

For more information about the process call Clarkston City Hall at 248-625-1559.

Staff writer covering Independence Township and Clarkston area.
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