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Peeking In The Past

A Look Back From The CNews archives

January 22, 2014 - 15 years ago - 1999

"Clarkston State Bank has 'grand' opening" On a cold morning, several local and county business leaders gathered in an old downtown building to celebrate the start of a new business as the new Clarkston State Bank held its official grand opening ceremony at this 15 S. Main Street location.

"Prevention is the key to safety for new fire inspector" New Independence Township Fire Department Inspector Bill Thompson called himself "the arm of the public." He explained his duties weren't just inspecting existing newly constructed commercial buildings in the township and City of Clarkston but also prevention and enforcement. One of his duties included elementary fire prevention programs.

"New CHS pool figures to make a big splash" There were many parts about the new Clarkston High School distinguishing it from the old high school building. One of the largest aspects was the presence of the natatorium, a swimming and diving facility, to be utilized by the entire community.

25 years ago - 1989

"High tech equipment fills in for Mother Nature" Even when Mother Nature isn't providing the usual white winter blanket, people at Pine Knob Ski Resort are busy creating their own. It was an easy place to spot - the white mini-mountain surrounded by the brown countryside, lit at night, giant snow blowers creating what nature has been pretty skimpy with so far this year - snow.

"Team strives for better school communication" A successful communications program has two key elements - leaders who are committed and people who are involved and Clarkston Schools has both. A 11-member communications team has been meeting since September to put together short-term and long-term communication goals for Clarkston Community Schools.

"CHS skiers fly high" The Clarkston Girls Ski team picked up perfect scores of 10 during their victories over Rochester and Lake Orion. They defeated Rochester Adams, 16-21. The boys ski team also had three straight wins over the same schools.

50 years ago - 1964

"Danger - thin ice" Five-year-old Scott Altman discovered the hard way the dangers of thin ice while skating on the mill pond. He fell through the ice and his friend Stanley Ash pulled him out of the water.

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